ReBirth: Introduction & Overview

Rebirth_ Peace, Power, & Pleasure in Postpartum and Beyond (1).pdf

Postpartum Mothers deserve to feel like themselves again, feel comfortable and confident in their post-baby bodies, re-balance their hormones, and embrace themselves as a sexual being again. They deserve to live with more peace, power, and pleasure in postpartum and beyond and to be well supported in that rebirth journey! We are here to see this happen for a group of 4 women who are ready to come together for 12 months of pouring into self and each other. 


● Reach body goals (weight loss, toning, new relationship)

● Increase low sex drive, orgasmic potential, and experience pleasure again or in a new way = more pleasure

● Re-balance hormones

● Have a better mood and less anxiety = more peace

● Rebirth ourselves into more powerful and secure women, sure of why we are here and how to move forward as a mother with confidence in our abilities to mother and care for ourselves = more power